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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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stephanie: breaking news at 11:00, nashua schools are shut down tomorrow because of the threat. >> there will be an action taken tomorrow to hurt students. stephanie: the fbi is joining the investigation. what is being done to keep students and staff safe? hayley: get ready for a big temperature swing. i will show you how warm it gets. stephanie: 13 people are displaced after a fire at a multi family home in nashua. firefighters are investigating what sparked the flames. three suspects arrested in connection to an armed home invasion in franklin. the them is in the hospital tonight after jumping off his balcony to escape. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news nine tonight. stephanie: breaking news, the f e is investigating a threat to
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the superintendent said they received a detailed threat of violence to harm students and staff at both high schools. good evening, and thanks for joining us. all schools in the city will be closed tomorrow. here' s a report by suzanne roantree. >> it had specific directions towards of the nashua high schools with specific threats of violence, which is why we are taking it seriously. >> there would be an action taken tomorrow to hurt students. they have not been able to determine at this time whether or not the threat is credible, and since they can' t rule out that it right a credible threat, we decided to take the cautious course of action and close all of our schools. suzanne: at 6:15 sunday night, the school district said 14,000 automatic phone calls to
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11,400 students, parents, and staff -- teachers, and staff will not have school tomorrow. >> they seem to be happening across the country, and they are disruptive on a number of levels. suzanne: a state police bomb squad was at nashua high school north. >> it doesn' t hurt to bring in additional resources. suzanne: some of those parents are distraught, worried about the threat as well as sending kids back to school tuesday. >> as a parent, it scares me. i don' t want to send my kids to school and not have them come back home to me. whether we should send our kids to school is a question. suzanne: parents also don' t know what to say to their children. >> he asked me, why is there no school? i said, there' s a threat. he asked me, what is the threat? i didn' t know how to answer. >> she said, mommy, are we going
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suzanne: as a precaution, the saint christopher school has notified students saying there will be no school tomorrow. the nashua superintendent of reopen tuesday. live at nashua high school north, i am suzanne roantree. stephanie: state officials are watching the situation and nashua and trying to determine if the earth threats to schools across new hampshire. we continue team coverage with mike cronin who joins us live in the newsroom. mike: governor hassan says agencies are working together to investigate that threat and to make sure all communities are safe. the threat of violence at nashua' s high schools has prompted a response from local, state, and federal officials. >> we have not had any threats to any schools or businesses. these threats are unique to see
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mike: while local police and the school district are leading the investigation, officials say they are watching the situation. >> certainly, all threats have to be taken seriously until proven otherwise, but at this point, the good news is that we don' t feel as though this is a threat to any schools other than those mentioned. mike: governor maggie hassan released a statement saying meanwhile, the fbi says it is helping nashua police to assess this threat. stephanie: a fire broke out at a house on carroll street in manchester just after 9:00 tonight.
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left a frying pan unattended, accidentally sparking the fire. the fire destroyed the second-floor apartment and causedsmoke and water damage on the first. fire chief mike can mash says although one resident suffered smoke inhalation, no one was seriously hurt. >> everyone had self-even act you would before our arrival. firefighters rescued cats from the first floor. out on their own. stephanie: the red cross is assisting the four people in the building who are now displaced. crews put out a fire at the multifamily home in nashua this afternoon. firefighters responded to a two-alarm fire on cedar street. red cross says the fire displaced 13 people. two people were injured. one occupant received minor burns, and one firefighter was transported to a local medical center with a back injury. a cooking accident sparked the blaze.
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there are a lot of things people need to be vigilant about. have an escape plan, make sure you know how to get out of the house. responds to one case every 20 hours. if you do not have a working smoke detector, contact the red cross. tonight, three suspects are an armed robbery in franklin. several callers reported a suspicious man running between houses on nelson street. police say the suspicious man is the victim. he apparently jumped off the back deck of a second floor apartment, ran through the woods to nelson street to get help. police were able to make arrests in andover. >> we approached the vehicle, and there were three people inside ultimately, and there were some other items in there that caused concern. stephanie: 18-year-olds dominic
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to criminal threatening. police say the car they were in was stolen and had numerous weapons inside. an accomplice. tonight, governor maggie hassan is calling for a full utilities. yesterday, a problem exposed 1200 customers to high level of carbon monoxide. propane was sent to 1250 release deadly amounts of carbon monoxide when burned. the governor wants the public utility -- [no audio] >> it is really important that all of our gas systems work and are safe. that is what we want to focus on. i' m very grateful to the keen fire department and for members of law enforcement who aided them as we went door-to-door to make sure no one else had been impacted. stephanie: a spokesman for
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been communicating with the puc throughout the emergency and expect for the governor to call an investigation. a 14-year-old was airlifted from barrington this afternoon after falling 150 feet off a cliff. fish and game says the 14-year-old was taking pictures on top of the cliff when he slipped on a rocks and fell 115 feet -- 150 feet. fish and game have not released the extent of his injuries. in portsmouth, it is starting to look a little like christmas. some of you saw snow today. the plows were out early in berlin where four inches of snow fell. meteorologist hayley lapoint tells us if there is more snow in our future. hayley: there is more precipitation. the problem is, it' s going to fall as rain. the snow that is on the ground now is going to have trouble sticking around by the time we get to christmas eve. take a look at the temperatures. it' s definitely a chilly night. 28 in nashua.
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whitefield, berlin, temperatures are cold. we will have some clouds on their way. in the meantime, where there is clearing, temperatures are dropping quickly. high clouds in the northern part of the state, and wish -- with fresh snow, that' s why temperatures have cooled off. let' s start with what happens tomorrow, the beginning of the holiday week. a few kids going back before the short week ends, and at the bus stop, it' s going to be cold. warmer than today, and wait until you see how warm it gets as we get closer to christmas. the full forecast, coming up. stephanie: in commitment 2016, last night' s democratic debate is in the rearview mirror. the candidates are not scheduled to face off before primary day seven weeks away. wmur political reporter adam sexton tells us how the campaigns are preparing for the
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adam: saturday night' s democratic debate featured plenty of back and forth. back on the campaign trail sunday, candidates were looking ahead to the final weeks of the campaign. at a town hall in hopkinton, martin o' malley said he' s hoping to catch some of the first in the nation primary' s latebreaking momentum. >> people make up their own mind, and history is full of example of candidates who are victorious in iowa and new hampshire being at the same place that i am at this point. adam: to do that, he will need to pierce the wall of excitement being generated by candidates at the top, like hillary clinton, who charged up her supporters with a surprise appearance post-debate by her husband. >> behind the scenes, you can' t ask for a better political mind, someone more familiar with voters. adam: bernie sanders who offered an onstage apology saturday night after one of his staffers improperly accessed clinton campaign data says he is ready
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>> i think we are winning iowa, winning new hampshire. i think we have a road to victory and pulling off one of the big political upsets in modern american history. stephanie: that was adam sexton. dr. ben carson spoke to students at keene state college. the american democracy project help the town hall for more than 200 people. this was the republican presidential candidate' s first visited the granite state in a month, and his poll numbers have slipped. he is the best fit for the white house. >> right now, we have some massively difficult things to do, which will require not only intellect and wisdom, but also courage. stephanie: carson also spoke in nashua tonight. on monday, the former neurosurgeon will make stops in manchester and concord where he and his wife will hold a christmas party at the capitol
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ohio governor john kasich is in new hampshire. he stopped in manchester for a he also stopped in to our studios at 5:00. he said this is his 18th stop to the granite state. attended a town hall meeting in portsmouth tonight. new jersey governor chris christie is on the road today halfway through a four-day new hampshire bus tour. kristi started the day at liberty house in manchester, speaking with homeless vets. peterborough. tomorrow, he is scheduled to london. coming up, one person detained in connection to the paris terror attacks. plus, an emotional homecoming for soldiers coming home. members returning home today. hayley: incredible warmth on the we are also going to get more
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approve this message. stephanie: we are following breaking in nashua tonight. all schools are closed tomorrow because of the threat made to the high schools. the fbi is assisting local police. the nashua superintendent says he plans for classes to resume tuesday.
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belgian authorities searched a house in brussels in connection to the paris terrorist attacks. one person has been detained. however, the federal prosecutor did not provide details on the suspect or search. authorities are still try to figure out what connection the suspect may have to the attack that killed 130. officials say they will release more information tomorrow. an air france official says a suspicious device found on a paris-bound flight was a fake bomb. the device forced the flight to make an emergency landing in kenya after a passenger found it in the bathroom. air france says the device was made of cardboard, paper, and a household timer and did not contain explosives. all passengers on board were even you would it safely. this is the fourth bomb hoax few weeks. a new jersey boy scout troop leader is recovering after being
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the victim was reportedly deep in the woods with three scouts when he entered a cave and encountered a bear. first responders were able to locate the man thanks to quick thinking by the three scouts. >> they had started a fire. stephanie: the scouts and their troop leader were rescued, and the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. this was the second attack in the area in just over a year. this afternoon, new hampshire soldiers returned to their families just in time for the holidays. 115 soldiers arrived at the manchester armory. new hampshire national guardsmen from the third battalion one hundred 97th field artillery regiment finished a nine-month deployment. they ran artillery-focused part of operation spartan field. over. in nine months. >> this is truly a blessing.
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than the first one, and i' m just thankful for family and friends for supporting us while we' ve been gone. stephanie: the remainder of the battalion is expected to come home sometime around the new year. >> now meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: today was nice. we had sunshine. despite the cool temperatures, it was the best of the two weekend days. you didn' t have the wind that was strong saturday, so that made it feel bitter and brisk. here' s a live look in portsmouth where we have clear skies. the other thing about saturday was we had some snow flying, some remnants of it on the grassy surfaces there. warm temperatures are on the way, and not only that, but also heavy rain as we get closer to midweek days. even christmas eve, it looks like we will have rain showers
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in the meantime, lots of clouds off to the west of us. these are going to continue to fill in. the longer we are in the clearing in some spots, the going to get overnight. out towards the west of us, systems at play. mainly, we have clouds to the west of us, and within this system, some mild there is going to help to usher it in. the winds will shift to be more southwesterly, and that is going next couple days. cold up north. berlin at 15. it' s 18 degrees in whitefield. 27 degrees in concord. 32 in manchester and in portsmouth. as we go through the next couple days, as this warm air surges in, we are going to be well above average. today, we were above 35. even today, we were above the since it has been so mild.
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temperatures in the mid-40' s. then look what happens. a little bit warmer tuesday, wednesday, and we really get the surge of warm air thursday. temperatures will break records, probably smash old records in many locations, and even on christmas day, it looks warm with temperatures in the upper 30' s, low 50' s. christmas eve, we could hit 62. compare that to the average high for that date of 34, so that' s a huge difference. the record as it stands right now, which was set in 2003, was 54 degrees. we would be breaking that by 10 whole degrees, which is pretty crazy. we will see what happens as we push forward. for the rest of the night, we are going to have clouds increasing. tomorrow, there will be peaks of sun through the day, but we will call it mostly cloudy. there could be scattered showers in the northern part of the state.
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hampshire, as a system is going to pass through and give a slight to moderate rainfall, particularly later in the day. us. tonight, clouds increase. up north, temperatures fall into the teens. chester, 50. hillsborough will get into the upper 40' s. mostly cloudy skies with temps in the 40' s, low 40' s in the northern part of the state. rain showers most likely tuesday, wednesday night into christmas eve, as the record warmth comes in. good travel weather, despite all the rain. stephanie: that' s good to hear, because there are a lot of clouds over that seven-day. rudolph is going to come in handy. let' s head over to jason king. jason: another big win for the
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stephanie: breaking news out of las vegas -- authorities say 11 people were rushed to a trauma center after a car ran into a group of pedestrians on the vegas strip. you are taking a live look at the scene. at this time, there is no word on the victims' conditions. a local news station says the driver is undergoing a field sobriety test. >> now jason king and news 9 sports. jason: the patriots entered the weekend as the top team in the afc, hoping to stay that way with a win over the tennessee titans.
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a first-round bye with a win and some help. tom gunn counts -- tom brady, tim gronkowski. too. chandler jones strips the ball. marcus mariota was knocked out of the game with a knee injury. 14-3 in the second, and brady to james white 30 yards for the score. seven catches for 71 yards. 21-3, pats. zach met in berger in for the injured marcus mariota, and he is picked off in the end zone by malcolm butler. three forced turnovers for the pats. two of them were interceptions. later, he connects with delaney walker, who breaks a couple of tackles and goes 57 yards for a touchdown. more importantly, patrick was injured on the play. new england said it was a hip
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a hightower left the game with knee injuries, but the pats get the win, 33-16. >> yeah, i felt ready to go. i' m glad we won it. it' s always tough to win. we just keep trying to find ways to get the ball in the end zone. it wasn' t as pretty as we would like, but it' football. we are just glad to get the win. >> it was great just to see the rotation. whenever a guy comes in, they just come in and play hard. everyone works hard at practice no matter who it is. they are ready to play. they know the situation. jason: with the win, they were interested in this game, pittsburgh and denver. fourth quarter, 27-27, ben roethlisberger friend -- to
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brown had 116 yards and two scores, and the steelers win 34-20 seven, and in doing so, give the patriots the first round bye. carolina led 35-7, but new york battled back. 35-28, fourth quarter, and eli manning with a pass for a touchdown. graham gano with a 43-yarder to win it as time expired. panthers when it 38-35, the fourth team in history to start the season 14-0. the bruins were back on their home ice hosting the devils, boston coming off a sweep of the pittsburgh penguins. boston strikes first. year. 1-0, bruins, after one.
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fires a pass to andy green. they skated through a scoreless overtime, and ryan spooner scored the only goal in a shootout. the bruins win it to-one. boston will host st. louis tuesday. there is a new professional women' s hockey league. the boston pride played the buffalo utes today in cambridge. some local talent, like hillary night who lived in hanover for a time. knight skates in an scores on her own rebound, and that was the only goal of the game. boston wins it 1-0. still to come, some good and a-10 conference basketball. -- n.e. 10 conference
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jason: the hawks of saint anselm college, home against franklin pierce. second half, hawks working to braley. he finished with 20 points. a nice individual effort by matt banton. a step-back jumper from the corner. seven points for franklin pierce. dante gittens had a big game for
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driving moved to the basket. he had a team-high 22 points for the ravens, but the hawks, just too much. victor joshua, a little too strong, but harrison tiger is there for the offensive rebound and put back. mike mckay he had a team-high 22 for saint anselm. the hawks improve to 9-1. stephanie: thanks so much, jason. we are following breaking news in nashua a threat. made to the high schools prompted the school district to cancel classes monday. the fbi is assisting local police in the investigation police say the threat was made via e-mail. . officers are not releasing details about what the threat said. a state police bomb squad was at nashua high school north. the nashua superintendent said he plans for classes to resume tuesday.
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